Let a Sleeping Baby Lie. Except Smoosh Her Face a Little, Just For Kicks.

Have you ever noticed that right after a baby falls asleep, you can smoosh her face around pretty much indiscriminately without bothering her even a little?

What, you haven’t tried that?

Facial plasticity is just one of the many things I’m discovering the second baby around — Claudia, the baby whom I can face-smoosh, head-stand, shot-put, and break-dance to my heart’s content. And when it comes to spinning a giglging baby upside down, my heart takes a lot of contenting.

Can you tell that my first-child coddling has been drained of me completely?

The “face-smooshing a sleeping baby” party trick struck me all the more strangely because of Fern’s sleeping at this age, which was, let’s just say, rather delicate.

Lest you worry that I torment my kids without an objective, I’ll assure you that my original purpose in manipulating sleeping Claudia’s nose was to remove a massive bogey. The first time, anyway.

Now I engage in post-sleep face smooshing as more of a hobby. Beats crocheting any day!