The Shrieking Game

The game would still be deafening if I had girls who loathed each other. Except instead of screaming at each other, Fern and Claudia scream with each other.

It’s a fine distinction.

Claudia adores her sister. And Fern likes having another doll, one that has all the talking, cooing, pooping features you could ever want.

So the sisters come together in the Shrieking Game. Claudia starts: she thinks something Fern has done is so incredibly funny that her usual laugh turns into a bit of a howl. Then Fern builds that into a real screech, so Claudia has to outdo her — well, you see where this is going, right?

The harmonized shrieking starts.

I’ve managed to avoid Metallica concerts my whole life (to date), so I figure my hearing is due for some high-decibel damage. And lo, my girls provide.

It’s really cute, and mostly I don’t have the heart to tell them to stop — this, assuming they’d be able to hear me.  But sometimes I yearn for peace in the household, which of course would be sisters who couldn’t care less about each other.

Indifference: that’s what we’ll strive for.