Weird Science

Minor inferno at lunchtime today. It was completely my fault — I lost track of the time and Fern hadn’t eaten in three hours. She was running on empty, and beside herself, screaming something about not wanting to wear the dress that she really wanted to wear that she couldn’t wear.

I tried logic, I tried bribery, I tried getting mad. I knew I needed to get food down her throat before she’d be happy.

So I resorted to the ultimate tabletop distraction.

“Fern. Do you want to mix vinegar and baking soda?”

That bought me at least a break in the tantrum while she considered.

“And oatmeal?” she asked.

“Sure, you can mix oatmeal in, too.”

That, somehow, completely ended the episode. In between bites of elbow macaroni and cheese, she carefully measured out the ingredients and watched them bubble, tossed in some oats, and then tasted it.

Twenty minutes later, Fern was happy as anything and kissing me goodbye at school.

Nobel prize material, you think?