My Daughter Debuts on flickr

Like so many parents, I’m quietly amused when my daughter steals my phone to take pictures. Hee, hee.



Even funnier is when she takes my oh-so-expensive real camera to fire off some shots.

aim, fire
  And then there’s when she takes the Fisher-Price kiddie-digital camera we got her and shoots more artfully than I’ve ever managed.

<p align="center">
  <table class="photocenter" width="200">
      <td class="photo">
        <a title="20090817-018" href=""><img loading="lazy" border="0" alt="20090817-018" src="" width="233" height="175" /></a> </p> 
a shot I’ve tried for years to get
    That’s less funny.
    But it does, at least, give me an excuse to set up a flickr account for her: <a href="" target="_blank">check out Fern’s photostream here</a>.