On the Other Hand…


Into the woods.
Note the fancy hiking boots.

Some days I have the hardest times with what should be the easiest parenting calls.

We’re on vacation; it’s our first day in the cabin, which is remote enough from retail establishments that what we have is pretty much what we’ll get.

And Fern is putting every single sticker we brought on a single piece of paper.

Stickers are a fantastic bridge activity — we need stickers. If she uses them all up now… I should make her stop sticking them all together.

On the other hand, we’re in a cabin! Engulfed in nature! We can find pinecones or squirrels and play with them!

On the other hand, she’ll ask for stickers tomorrow, so I should make sure some are reserved for each day.

On the other hand, what a great teaching moment! “You’re out of stickers today because you used all your stickers yesterday. Next time, we’ll plan ahead!”

On the other hand, “Oh, please stop screaming, darling… the baby is napping… oh, please…”


I’m a wimp. I saved some stickers.

Which, of course, she ignored for the rest of the trip.