“Butt Out!”

“My 3-year-old daughter just got clobbered by another little girl while waiting for the trapeze. And I’m not doing a thing about it.”


This is not me. But that’s the issue my piece is in.

Hey, y’all! It’s the first day of June, which as I’m sure you realize means that my latest trimonthly missive is out in our regional parenting mag, Bay Area Parent .

This month’s I tackle not tackling that girl who tackled my daughter – you know, backing off. Not my strongest point, as you’ve probably realized. (Can you hear the helicopter sound effect on my home page?)

And, as the usual bonus: you get to learn the girls’ real names! (Not that enticing anymore, huh? Time to drop the pseudonyms entirely, I guess.)

Here’s the Web site for Bay Area Parent, and sorry, but you’ll have to enter your e-mail address. (Or use mine, doodaddy – at- doodaddy – dot –net – that’s just fine, too.) Click “Digital Magazines” and then “Current Issue.”

My piece is on the last page, page 82. Where, you know, a lot of people will see it. 😉