Prop 8 This

I know I don’t usually go political on you — not since last year, anyway — but as a parent it seems irresponsible of me not to respond to the California Supreme Court’s decision yesterday not to overturn Proposition 8, the voter-sponsored initiative banning gay marriage in our benighted state.

There are glimmers of hope, of course: the decision made it clear that the only thing that can be denied to same-sex partnerships is the actual word “marriage.” And the court certified that all the marriage licenses granted prior to November’s election are in full force. And think how far we’ve come! Only five years ago same-sex marriage was a local phenomenon in San Francisco — now it’s become a serious national issue. I mean, heck, if Iowa can figure it out, how long before the rest of the country follows suit?

And best of all, the debacle might add fuel to the fire to rewrite California’s constitution, since it’s currently so easy to modify that a few isolated zealots can unite with well-funded Utahans to punch holes in our legal protections. Our state’s grandeur has been roundly eroded by nutcase special interests for too long. (See also “Howard Jarvis is burning in hell.”)

But those are all rationalizations to soften the blow that we’ve gone back on its promise to protect all of its citizens equally. Sure, we’ll keep fighting and eventually we’ll fix this. But in the meantime, well, this attack on families and children — and, horrifically, in the name of protecting children! — stands as a black mark on the face of my wonderful, quirky state.