Dear Blueberry, Part 6

Dear Blueberry,


Images of Months 4, 5, and 6

It’s hard to understand how your half birthday could have arrived so quickly. Just yesterday you were a mewling, swaddled infant and now you’re eating solid food and bashing our chins with your plaster-armored kicks.

Plaster? Yes, plaster casts. Like your sister, you inherited both your parents’ curvy feet, and so also like Boobaby, you were treated with three months’ worth of casts. The casts got replaced weekly and gradually nudged your toes into the more functional “straight ahead” alignment. And pretty much every week you kicked off at least one, an impressive — sorry — feat.

Your months of being plastered came to a close about a week ago and you have finally started to stand up and push off with your legs. We’d worried about that, a little, but don’t blame us. Someday you too will discover these useful but frightening lists of what kids are “supposed” to do at every age. “Milestones,” they call them, and though they cover every specific from first giggle to first crush, the lists are nonetheless short on nuance. Like, for example, is the girl being milestoned an only child, smothered with so much attention that she can hardly sleep? Or is she a content, happily resting second child? And, of course, when the subject’s legs are encased in plaster, shouldn’t we expect her to favor not standing on them?

Anyway, that’s all over: your casts are gone and now, a week later, you’re already doing all the normal pushing off and pre-standing we expected. And we can breathe a little easier, even though we should have known better than to worry in the first place.

Sometimes we feel like pretty experienced parents — we’ve raised Boobaby to this point, after all. But we’re regularly reminded that we’ve never raised a little sister, and that makes a huge difference. You frequently must content yourself with looking on while we play with or bathe or read to your sister. Luckily, watching Boo seems to be one of your favorite pastimes. You love mommy and daddy, sure, but when your sister comes into the room, your face is visited by an unbeatable smile. For her part, Boo is completely devoted to you, and loves to dance with you, kiss you, and hug you, only occasionally sitting on your face while she’s doing all that.

Boo already teaches you, though she doesn’t know just how much. A couple of days after you got your casts off last week, daddy had you on the changing table and you were watching Boo jumping on the bed. As usual, you were giggling maniacally at your sister’s performance, but you also started patterning: while still on your back, you kicked one foot, then both feet, then both feet repeatedly in an almost-synchronized jumping motion. Boobaby may be a little impatient that you haven’t started to walk yet, but she’s unwittingly lighting up little clumps of your neurons just by demonstrating her big-girlhood.

There are some big changes coming up for you. Teeth, for one: from your tendency to chew on pretty much anything that gets into range — from Boo’s arm to mommy’s enormous stuffed lion — it would appear that you’re either getting your incisors or part remora. Also, Boo starts nursery school in a couple of weeks, which means you’ll get a few more solid chunks of undivided attention weekly. We haven’t quite decided what to do with this bonanza, though music classes seem a good place to start. Your sister sure liked them, and you seem to enjoy a good strumming guitar. Summer is upon us, too, which means you’ll have to get used to long, cold foggy days. We’ve got the snowsuit ready — it’s time to turn you into a true San Francisco toddler.

We love you very, very much,


Working Mom & Doodaddy