Dear Blueberry (part III)

Dear Blueberry,


Images of Month III

You turn three months old today but it’s already impossible for us to imagine a time before you were part of the family. This is due in part to your easygoing personality: you seem to be an expert at effortlessly belonging. You can accommodate any odd family plan without a fuss. Car trip? You sleep. Dinner time? You’re content to sit and watch. Playground for Boobaby? You’ll coast around in the stroller, taking in the sounds and colors. So without too much trouble (apart from an ever-shifting diaper bag) we take you along pretty much wherever we go.

The same medical inconveniences that visited your sister’s life have come to you, too. You’ve got a bit of a reflux problem; you can easily lose your lunch (or third breakfast or snack-after-dinner) if we don’t get you successfully upright and burped as quickly as possible, and sometimes even then. This has caused a little bit of jealousy: Boo (who’s trying to convince us that you’re the big __sister and she’s the baby) has been trying to manage some spit-up herself. Luckily for both of you, reflux goes away within a couple of months.

You also got foot casts on, alas. Although not as pronounced as Boo’s, your also suffer from metatarsus adductus — “curvy toes.” Boobaby’s casts lasted about four months and yours should go only three or so, although that might be drawn out a bit if you manage to kick them off as frequently as Boo did. At least the cast room techs have some practice now. On the plus side, you remain pretty imperturbable: even as two techs and a doctor officiously orbited your feet, applying layers of batting and plaster, you just fell asleep.

Apart from that, you’re hitting all your milestones. At least, we think you are — we don’t check lists of such things nearly as often as we used to (and maybe you’re better off for it). But we do see you lifting your head as you should and starting to grab at things that are interesting. Best of all, you love to make eye contact, smile, coo, and laugh: amazingly enough, that simple interaction is still every bit as awe-inspiring as it was with your older sister.

So, sorry about the casts and the tummy stuff, but for all that you still are an incredibly content, peaceful baby. It’s a good thing you’re so mellow: having a three-year old sister can get pretty hectic.

Keep at it!

We love you very, very much,


Working Mom & Doodaddy