It turns out everybody gets yelled at

Remember when I got “spoken to” for having sidewalk chalk out on the playground? I told that story a few times and it turns out that everyone has been “spoken to” at the playground for one thing or another.

Getting “spoken to” is evidently one of the few universal parenting experience.

Someone’s quick to point out that my daughter needs a sweater. (To which my response: you try to put it on her, I dare you.) Or look askance when we’re in Target at 8 p.m. (We’re night owls.) Or thinks I’m going to yank Boo’s arms out of her sockets. (She has strong arms.)

My incredulity about getting this kind of crap from people, of course, grows directly from this question that I’ve been asking myself since I was old enough to realize it:

“Why are people so clueless?”

Sure, there’s an aspect of family life that verges on the tribal: we all take a little interest in the safety and well-being of other people’s kids. I get that. But the jumping to conclusions – that’s got to go.