Dear Blueberry, part II

Dear Blueberry,


Images of Month 2

You turn two months old today.

Maybe by the time you read these letters you will already have discovered this for yourself: taking care of one-month old babies can feel a little mechanical. Change, feed, nap, bath, repeat. There’s some who even call these first three months “the fourth trimester,” the implication being that you came out a little undercooked, and that the parents’ role during this period is little more than substitute womb.

Well, maybe, but there was more to this month than merely physical growth; the milestones you’re passing are tiny and easy to miss, but they’re real. Though it’s true that you’re not painting masterpieces or taking the cat on walks (much to big sister Boo’s disappointment), there’s an upside to starting life with a clean slate: each little achievement takes on huge significance. Your first smile happened a while back, but real smiles are still rare enough that they still turn our heads. They’ve been joined by little giggles, mostly at the little wiggling faces we hang above your crib. You have started to enjoy bath time and perhaps you’re even starting to sense a routine. You certainly have a Pavlovian response to being changed: since it usually precedes a feeding, you typically become notably serene — and slobbery.

You have started to take a bottle of expressed milk. Your progress has been thwarted, though, by the fact that we ditched all of Boo’s old bottles when it became widely believed that bisphenol-free was the way to go. The toxin-free nipples we’ve got don’t seem to appeal to you much, so we’ve got a different brand on order. Stay tuned — we’ve got to get you on the bottle this month, one way or another.

Notable among your many fine features is a complete willingness to fall asleep, especially in unusual circumstances. If we’ve taken you to a party or are out walking, you’ll drop off with an almost audible thunk. Even at home, at your most fussy all we need to do for you to sleep is turn on the vacuum cleaner. Or, more likely, we’ll activate the Vacuum-Cleaner-White-Noise application on our iPhones. Either way, you’re a really good sleeper for a two-month old.

At least one major life event occurred for you this month: you were baptized. One of your grandfathers is conveniently a priest, and he performed the rite with your new godparents and godbrothers as well as a little group of friends in attendance. It was a casual affair but a nice way to welcome you somewhat officially into our little community of friends and loved ones, even those who couldn’t be there in person.

So that’s it — a month not so much of events as one of simple moments and impressions. Not to worry, though: there will be plenty of time to fill with major happenings. There’s no rush.

We love you very, very much,


Working Mom & Doodaddy