Now, I’ve never done that before

“Will you who witness these vows do all in your power to support this Blueberry, through growing seasons and frost, pies and muffins and pancakes?”

We had a nice little home baptism for the Blueberry today. Having done this once already for Boo, I wasn’t so much emotional as nervous about whether I’d made enough coffee. 

Until after the ceremony, that is, when in an atypically timid voice, Boo asked the priest (my father-in-law) to baptize Sasha, the doll she most closely identifies as her child:


That girl. I’m not religious, but I got schooled about the whole point — the universal, pre-Christian, probably pre-religious point — of baptism today.

Welcome to the fold, Blueberry. Yes, you too, Sasha.

Water, come down, indeed.