Dear Blueberry (part I)

Dear Blueberry,


Images of Month 1

You’re a month old today. Welcome to the family! Not that you were around to see what we were like for Boobaby’s infancy, it still seems somehow relevant to point out how different you two are, already. You’ve been — I hate to say it this way, but it fits — easy.

Sure, you’re completely nocturnal, so you get mommy up every couple of hours to feed, but you’re a great daytime sleeper. And yeah, there’s been a little reflux in addition to your normal happy baby spitup, but nothing like Boo’s. Your mom and dad just seem to produce babies that can’t quite keep it down.

What’s struck us most of all, actually, is how content you are being taken along. We had you out and about within a few days of coming home. We entertained at home, we went out to dinner. You went for burgers and climbed a mountain before you were 3 weeks old. Unlike your sister, you fall asleep easily when we’re on the move, even in the car seat, which is blooming marvelous, as they say.

Of course, one of the biggest ways that your young life differs from your sister’s is that you have, well, a sister, who helps take care of you (of course) but also bumps into you (accidentally) and wears your clothes (intentionally, and, it must be said, hilariously). And while it’s sort of a shame that you’re not the first one to play with your toys, chances are that will always be true, so at least you’re getting used to it.

So welcome again, you sleepy, grunting, mewling, and (just barely) smiling little thing.

We love you very, very much,


Working Mom & Doodaddy