We Have a Winner! And What’s Blueberry’s Name, Anyway?

Belated congratulations to Elaine the Redhead Reverend and Scrapbooker Extraordinare for coming closest to the Blueberry’s birth date and time — she wins the manky old gift certificate!

As long as I’ve got you on the line here, and since pretty much everyone who was going to guess the Blueberry’s real name has done it by now — here’s the final clue:

51jg6BMAtXL._SL160_ We named the Blueberry after the main character in a kids’ book called From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. She’s got taste, this kid — she convinces her rich younger brother to run away with her and they stay at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan — solving an art mystery as long as they’re there.

If you haven’t read it, do, and you’ll know Blueberry’s real name.

Boobaby, you may be aware, was similarly named after a spitfire from children’s literature — the pig-rescuing 8-year old in Charlotte’s Web, in her case. She had me at “Where’s papa going with that ax?”

That’s as much as I say here.

Thanks for playing, all!