Do they still sell butt flaps?

Boo gets herself out of bed every night, like a good girl. Sits on her potty. Does her business. Wipes, even.

And then she screams for me to come put her pants on. This, from a girl who has dressed herself (usually in something kind of ridiculous — no shirt, an apron and two different plaid skirts, say) from the age of, I forget, like six months I think?

But noooooo, if it’s three a.m. then self-dressing might as well be eating Bolivian fried yucca: she’s just not gonna try.

So we went looking for one of those jumpsuits with an ass flap, like you see in old cartoons, but Target let us down. Truth be told, she probably wouldn’t wear it anyway unless it had clashing plaid and pink stripey fabric.

So… Anyone know where I can get me one of those?