I’m Way Too Stupid For This

I’m a naturalist, which essentially means that I can make up science-y answers that are more or less correct to a first approximation of basic principles. But they usually sound good.

So I thought I’d have no trouble with the usual kid questions that come up as curiosity waxes. (Go ahead, ask me why the sky is blue or pumpkins are orange. Do it. You know you want to.)

I was wrong. Boo asked me today:

“Do carousels go faster when there aren’t as many people on?”

I, of course, made up a science-y answer that was more or less correct etc., etc., but honestly? I don’t know. I suspect that the answer lies somewhere between the physics and the engineering of the thing.

But my self-confidence when it comes to answering toddlers’ questions? That flew off its painted horse at the speed of sound.