Do Laundry Every Day, and Other Advice for the At-Home Parent

I usually try to avoid “advising” people too much about parenting. For one thing, direct advice never works without a long period of listening and sympathy — that’s why those little pearls of wisdom you get from strangers never ring true, even when they might be pretty accurate. “You shouldn’t let your daughter walk around the glass pit with only socks on.”

Every so often, though, someone asks me for plain advice about this at-home parent gig, and even though my sagest words to date have been “Um, you’ll do fine…” I decided to jot down some of the things I wish I’d known before I started in an article over at GNM Parents:

Lily’s mom asked me a direct question that stopped me cold: “So, what should I know about being an at-home parent?”

I thought back to my nearly three years of experience at this gig, and the one challenge that came to mind, the one thing I wished someone had warned me about, was this: “Do laundry every day.”

Don’t worry, the other ideas are smarter. To read the entire article on the GNM site, click here.