Kick Atlantis’s Skinny Ass!

Ten more votes. That’s all I need to knock off the actor guy who’s on “Stargate Atlantis” from the “Hottest Daddy Blogger” list!

This is all sort of weird for me to even be asking, but the thing is, I never win any blogging awards. Cue saccharine music. I know, you think I’m obsessing about this stupid Internet competition. Violins swell. And I know there’s no way I’m hotter than Joeprah, you don’t have to remind me. Kettledrums and thunderclaps.

Nonetheless, hear my plea: if you haven’t voted for me and you think I’m hot (Avery? Avery?), then I implore you, please, click the button. My fragile male ego is at stake.

My site was nominated for Hottest Daddy Blogger!

Thanks. You rock, yo.