Why, isn’t the UPS guy your daughter’s favorite person too?


Paint it pink

We order a lot on line — toilet paper in bulk, seeds, pastrami — to the point where every time the doorbell rings, Boo opens it up and yells “Hi, UPS Man!” Apart from scaring yesterday’s Jehovah’s witnesses, she’s almost always right.

So it came as no surprise that when it came time to pick a Halloween costume, Boo decided she wanted to be — yep –The UPS Man.

Shall we say “UPS Person?” Nah.

Easy enough, right? You can order ’em straight off of Amazon, which, as I’ve mentioned, we have no qualms about. But then fate (in the person of a capricious toddler) slapped us in the face. Just as we were about to click “Purchase,” we asked for verification from toddler Boo. This has become an essential step: If we hadn’t repeated “Do you really want that pineapple?” every time we’d have a kitchen full of pineapples.

“Are you sure you want to be a UPS Man for Halloween?”
Answer: “I want to be a pink UPS Man!”

A-ha. A pink UPS man. From a quick slam-dunk-we’re-already-done-with-our-costume, we’re now entering into an exceedingly long search for industrial toddler clothes.

So… my plea is out there. Does anyone know where to find pink (or white, heck, we’ll dye it) work clothes — Dickies or something — in toddler sizes?

I suppose (ulp!) I could try making a pink UPS uniform. I __did go to sewing class, after all… once.