That’s 14 in Blog Years: The Good, the Bad, and the Freaky


Me and (one of) my gal(s).

Dear Readers,

Today, I’ve been keeping this blog for two years.

I’m still experimenting, but I think I’ve finally settled on what’s good about doing all this writing:


I could easily spend an hour — on the off chance that I ever had a free hour — just browsing the old stories. And some decades-off day, when I have more free time than I’d like, I plan to re-read all of it, and I’m already pre-nostalgic about that feat.

You know what’s also fun?


You guys are so cool even to be reading my little stories, let alone responding and making me feel part of the greater parent-blog community. Which at the same time has some bad to it, too: every day I wish I could read more blogs, comment more, get together with local bloggers more. My commitment to my online friendships sometimes drops to the bottom of the pile, and that feels bad. So… sorry in advance, and I’ll try to do better. Time allowing. (Ha!)

You know what’s the freakiest thing about this whole gig?

Getting recognized.

Being on a magazine cover accelerated this odd phenomenon, but even before that, someone would come up to me once every other month or so on a playground and say “Hi, I read your blog.” I know, I know, fifteen minutes of fame and all that, but even though it’s happened a dozen times now, it’s still disconcerting.

Traditionally, these blogoversary posts are where bloggers talk about all the changes to come — that site re-design, or my new series of posts on designer toddler sock fashions — but not from me. Although I’m sure the blog will evolve Boo grows and the Blueberry appears, I think that’ll be pretty slow. All I have to say for now is that I’m happy to be doing what I’m doing and I’m unspeakably grateful for you reading it.