Crap crap crap crap. I mean, damn damn damn damn.

Boo drew busily on her magnetic board as Working Mom tucked her into bed tonight. This is only mild procrastination for her, mind you — she’s a champion at it. It happened that her rendition of ‘sparkly’ was unsatisfactory, and as she slid the erase magnet grumpily she announced:

“Damn damn damn damn damn.”

Now, at 2 1/2, Boo still can’t quite enunciate every word she attempts, so there was every possibility that she’d meant to say “Derivative!” or “Deluxe Posturpedic!” So my wife asked her to clarify.

“Daaammmmn!” Now she sounded like a suburban kid emulating ten-year old hip hop.

More to the point, she was cussing. Yipe.

Where did she pick that up? We’ve had lots of relatives about the place, but they’re usually mindful to stay away from the blue. And the one grandpa who slips up the most isn’t really a “damn” guy — he tends to more colorful terms. In Latin.

It could have been one of us, of course. I’m the more salty parent, but ten years of teaching has finely tuned my “don’t cuss now” filter.

The final option, then: did Boo learn this mildly vulgar word from her friends? She has been spending a lot of time with the 4-year old tribe at the playground; is it really possible that those angelic faces are uttering such precocious profanities out of earshot?

Nah, I refuse (perhaps against reason) to believe that of such sweet kids. I blame myself, or else the new “Sesame Street After Dark” episodes.

Now then, who can point me to the way you can “un-learn” these words from your kids? It’s easy, right?