Are there pink spiders?


My new pet. I hope they don’t stay that big… I’m not sure Working Mom (or the cat) would approve.

The pink obsession continues, so I was pleasantly surprised on the way to the zoo the other day when Boo told me out of the blue (a.k.a. “out of the not-pink”):

“Green light means go!”

I found that refreshing, because up until last week, the color “green” (and, in fact, all non-pink colors) was called “dark.”

So I decided to push for some more color responses: “Good job, Boo! Now, what color light means ‘stop’?”

“Dark pink!”

I’m reassured (a little) by the fact that Boo’s decidedly non-gender-stereotypical love for bugs continues, as evidenced by our first stop at the zoo that day: the insect house. I happened to mention that some people keep pet tarantulas (don’t tell my wife) and, of course, all day, she was asking for one as a pet.

Can’t win ’em all, but at least it’s a start!