You Thought “Leather” Anniversary Was Bad?


That’s me in my new heels, sporting the fancy oven Working Mom just got me.

Remember the assless chaps from anniversary number three, our “leather” anniversary?

Well, today marks our Fourth Anniversary — the “Appliances” Anniversary. (No, I’m not making it up.)

Who the hell thinks up these things? (Sears and Walmart, I expect.) In this “credit crunch” edition, here’s what I predict our upcoming anniversaries are likely to celebrate:

  • Five. Unnecessary Electronics Anniversary. (“Dear, I got you a touchscreen iBlender!”)
  • Seven. Mid-Life Crisis Anniversary. (“And what’s in the trunk of your new sports car? Right! A model train set!”).
  • Eleven. Mortgage Anniversary. (“Two loans good, three loans better!“)
  • Fourteen. The Bankruptcy Anniversary. (“Honey, we’re going to have to sell your braces back to the orthodontist for scrap metal. Sorry.”)

In all seriousness, though, I like anniversaries for the obvious reason: they remind me of how much I have to celebrate:


The sea, the sky, and my two-and-a-half ladies.

All petty complaints go away when I look at a picture like that and remember the day.

I’m a lucky guy.