Babies Having Babies and Killing Blogs


It’s hard to tell without the ultrasound, but Boobaby will be giving birth to a duck. Buddy Boy, on the other hand, will be delivering a panda. (We don’t know who the mother is — scandalous!)

When Boo sees a smaller child, she turns into that crazy old lady from the grocery store — she just has to touch the baby.

She’ll follow around new walkers, “helping” by grabbing a hand, then “helping” by trying to pick up child that she’s just knocked over.

“I’ll help you, baby,” she says to the collapsed pile of plump limbs and soft shoes. “Good job. Good job.”

She considers encouragement to be her biggest job when it comes to babies. To her, parenting is moral support. As a result, Boobaby is a lot more mellow about the prospect of her little sister — whom we’re expecting in November — than I am.

I was hanging out today at the playground with not one but two moms, each of whom has a 6-ish month old girl in addition to an older sister. The ensuing juggling match is exhausting even to watch:

  • Feed baby, throw ball for toddler.
  • Park baby in swing, push toddler on merry-go-round.
  • Swing baby upside down by ankles, buckle toddler in stroller.

Whoops, got that last one backwards!

One of the moms can even nurse while walking around — at least I don’t have that to look forward to.

Even without lactation, though, I still count myself two limbs and six hours a day short of what would be needed to accomplish the job of being a parent to two kids under three… and I wonder what I’ll have to give up as a result. My garden? My New York Times?

Gasp… will I give up my blog?

Nah, I hear you and you’re right. Sleep and showers and making the bed may fall by the wayside, but I can’t imagine giving up Doodaddy. Gotta have priorities.