Talk to Strangers

I have conversations with kids who don’t know me all the time. I try to project that I’m a safe person, and I suppose having a two-year old girl with me grants me the credibility of a “parent,” but all the same, I know that some stranger moms don’t appreciate that I talk to their kids.

I wrote about it yesterday at GNM Parents, although there’s a lot more to say:

The thought of preventing my daughter from approaching other adults — members of our community, after all — turns my stomach a little. I’ve witnessed enough kids who are either inherently shy or been taught stranger fear that I know that a prohibitive strategy is not for me. But, obviously, I don’t want Fern to put her full faith in people she’s just met, either.

The full story, including a riveting conversation between me, a 10-year old girl, and a goose, is posted at GNM Parents: click here.