There’s a baby in my head.

“Don’t brush my hair, there’s a baby in there!”

That’s when I got my phone set to “record.”

Boobaby’s been claiming that the baby she’s carrying is wherever in her is convenient at the moment. Try to tickle her armpit, and she’s got an armpit pregnancy, so they’re off limits! Want to clip her toenails? Yep, sure enough, Boo’s fetus is developing there, too.

But it’s been hard to share. This time, the phone was ready. Here’s the audio — it’s 19 seconds long: [audio:BabyInMyHead.mp3]

Transcript for y’all Dutch-inflected Irish et al. who can’t understand American:

Boo: “There’s a BABY in my head.”
Doodaddy (incredulously): “In your head?”
Boo (condescendingly): “Yeah, in my head.”
Doodaddy: “Babies don’t grow in your head.”
Boo: “Yes, they do.”
Doodaddy: “No, they don’t.”
Boo: “YEAH, they do.”
Doodaddy: “Notheydont.”
Boo: “Yeahtheydo.”
Doodaddy: “Notheydont.”
Boo: “Naw, this is my phone.” (Grabs it and presses “stop” on the recording function.)

Sorry, I know it’s been all about the cute kid quotes lately. More complaints about mean people at the playground returning soon.