My Bog Becomes My Pollywog, My Pollywog Becomes a Frog

Have you ever noticed that the news of the day follows your mood?

A persistent cough last night kept Boobaby (and me) up until 3:52 a.m. (You can tell it’s bad when you’re counting the minutes on the digital clock.) And then she awoke this morning pretty much at her usual time, and that makes One Two Three FOUR hours of sleep.

So it was fitting that the news on the radio as Boo and I were brushing our teeth and hair (God, I hope I was brushing the right thing with the right brush) was this:

Nelson Mandela just got off the U.S. terrorist watch list just this week.

Yep. Nobel laureate and past president of an ally country still had to apply for a waiver to get to the good ol’ U.S. of A. You know I don’t really blog politics, but this transcends blue-red hogfighting: here’s a man abused by a fascist government and abandoned for years by much of the international community who remains a man of peace. The inventor and spirit behind Truth and Reconciliation, a concept as close to sacred as anything human I’ve ever heard of. A hero to tell our kids about… if we can get past why the U.S. government thinks he might be a dangerous terrorist. Argh! Ack! WTF!

I really shouldn’t listen to the news without a little more sleep.

So I switched over to Radio Disney, an standby from way before my days as a parent. (Yeah, yeah, I know.) I chuckled a little bit because the D.J. on the thoroughly sanitized station was trying to explain that an upcoming kids’ concert will feature the Barenaked Ladies.

Naked ladies. Hee, hee. On the Disney station. Hee, hee.

And then they played a song about a frog growing up and I immediately smiled. My big plan for the day — which had been to lie face down on the living room floor while Boobaby explored the china cabinet — changed in a flash to dancing around the living room playing from our instrument box. I even downloaded the new BNL kids’ album “Snacktime“, which is pretty cool, after all that chuckling.

So sometimes a dark mood makes the dark news stand out. Life has a habit of coughing up a little light redemption from time to time, though.

Here’s the just-OK video for the very-cool song that cheered me up today. Enjoy!