Return of Skank Doll

Remember how freaked I got when a Colorforms paper doll showed a little too much skin?

Well, check this out:


Pole Dancing Barbie?

If you can’t quite tell what’s wrong with this picture, zoom in on the butt. (Maybe wait until you get home from work and the kids are in bed.)

See it? Yep. Transparent undies.

Wait, let me say it again.


Oddly, they were part of a bunch of really cool clothes (hiker, chef, cabinet maker) that my mom got on the Internet, but from the people that actually made them: real doll connoisseurs. I’m going to hope that these panties were an afterthought: with some gauze left over, they thought it would be perfect for undergarments.


Teenaged Brooke Shields Barbie.
  My mom &#8212; a psychologist, so she should know &#8212; thinks that doll play is about kids learning to interact with friends.

  Sadly, given what <a href="/2007/12/19/potty-training-means-underwear-for-little-girls/" target="_blank">our society puts out there for girls to wear</a> and aspire to, it probably won&#8217;t be too long before she has a real friend that actually dresses like this.