Our Second Blessed Event Is Gonna Kick My Ass

I posted over at GNM today about our forthcoming baby, and what that means to me as a stay-at-home dad:

Working Mom and I are expecting our second baby girl in November! By New Year’s Eve, I’ll be a stay-at-home dad to two girls under 3.

I’m so screwed.

I feel completely competent as a stay-at-home parent, sometimes. (Some rare and brief times, but some times all the same.) Last Wednesday, for example, I was lifting a tribe of toddlers, my two-year old Boobaby included, up to the playground high bar intended for teenagers, then letting them fall and catching them just before they landed in a heap of broken legs and collarbones. Scream, giggle, repeat. And — no injuries! After two years, I told myself, I’ve got this dad thing down

It gets bad from there. To read the rest of the post at GNM Parents, click here!