Piss or Get Off The Pot

Sorry I haven’t written in a while; I’ve been putting all my creative juices into writing a song for Miley Cyrus called “They’re Just Shoulder Blades.”


She did the former. I can’t wait to get this picture out to show her junior prom date.

Nah, I’m kidding. I’ve just been really procrastinating on the promised site clean-up. I can’t wait any longer, though, because my big Father’s Day piece came out in Bay Area Parent today! There’s a picture of us on the cover, even!

To coin a phrase, “Ack!”

The upshot is that any day now my actual real-live family might drop by. That’s right — people I know and have seen in their flesh and their blood (well, not blood so much) could be reading the site soon! The mind boggles. And the fingers fly, deleting the worst of the [content deleted], not to mention the sexy [content deleted] of the [content deleted] and the details about fertility [content deleted].

I’m actually really enjoying the process of re-reading some of the old posts. (It’s taken me three hours just to get back to February. Hm.) Anyway, you should feel free to, as well — there are “random” and “my favorite posts” and “your favorite posts” links over there on the sidebar.

And I’ll be back with new stuff in a day or so, including (not to be too tabloid) the story of how Boobaby and Buddy Boy are both pregnant!  Right now!