Y’all Pick Weird Names

Well, thanks for all the suggestions for names from children’s books. Sadly, the mean English judge discarded a bunch of them out of hand, although Paula Abdul said they were all cool choices and wanted to use every single one.

Here are the Name Idol standings, so far:


Sadly, one of Fern’s pets is already named Wilbur, and it’s a robotic vacuum cleaner. Fern will already be pushing her baby brother’s buttons — no need to encourage it so literally.


Well, yeah, that’s the obvious one, but, y’know. She’s the spider. Eeew.

Anything from Bridge to Terabithia

…is out. I hated that book, and I’m a huge fan of children’s literature. Why, oh why did they kill off the cool girl? What the hell was the point of that? To show how much of a complex having your best friend killed in childhood can cause in later life? Man, I felt totally betrayed by that book.

The Narina kids, the Little Women

We’re nearing 40, so I’m worried about the pressure here. Would we need to get a Peter, a Susan, an Edmund, and a Lucy, and in that order? (We ruled out “Greg” and “Marcia” for the same reason… I doubt we’d have been able to keep breeding long enough to get around to little Cindy, plus then she’d send a stand-in to family reunions.)

Sparticus. Hippolyte. Oreo.

You were kidding, right?


All the rest are still in the running. I think I have to re-read about Ramona and Matilda… those are sounding good. Keep the suggestions coming, though!