Post 500

If self-referential blog posts are like lemon juice on your hangnails, now’s the time to browse on.

I just noticed with some surprise that this marks my 500th post here at Doodaddy. The timing is propitious; I’d just been pondering why I do this in the first place and whether it’s worth continuing.

Anyway, there are probably dozens of reasons why I do this. Here are my top 3:

  • 1. Obviously, I love to share my adventures with these two (and possibly plus):


Frosting is so much better than cake. There really should be an all-frosting cake.

‘Cause they’re so both damn cute I want to scream it from the rooftops.

  • 2. I like to “blog it out.”

I share the tough stuff, although there’s been a lot of blogtalk lately about how we’re exploiting our kids through blogging. Is the dollar-per-year ad revenue and adoration of tens of other bloggers enough to justify embarrassing my future teenager? It’s not like I’m putting promotional T-shirts on my kid for cash. (Although I might. Call me.)

I do it because writing about the hard parts — the ways being a stay-at-home dad can be painful or lonely or exhausting — is how I process that stuff. Sure, I’ve got friends for that, too, but I find my time with them is more fun and interactive after I’ve dealt out my raw material in the blog. If I don’t get to write, I get veeeeery boring.

Or, put another way, I bore you with the details so my brick-and-mortar friends get to skip to the short version.

  • 3. The challenge is fun.

So why not just journal all these experiences for myself? Why post to a site where anyone in the entire world can see it? Being a stay-at-home parent (or any kind of parent, really) has a huge physical component, to the point where I often feel like a manual laborer. I like the challenge of keeping my “commitment” to the blog. There’s no accountability to a diary — if I stop posting for a couple of days, I get e-mails! (How cool is that?) Because these posts are for public consumption, I try to keep them relatively short and more or less grammatically correct, although I fail on both counts regularly.

Of course, the through-line of all three reasons is that blogging allows me to be part of a community: parents and others who are interested in what I have to say — and call me on my crap, sometimes. You guys rock — I’m completely flattered that you’re interested at all. So, thanks. (Maybe this is a good time to ask if anyone wants to invite me to their BlogHer parties?)

OK, 500th post retrospective is over now. You never know what the future holds, but I’m having enough fun that I suspect there are at least 500 more posts in me!

How about those of you who blog — what keeps you coming back to write more?