The Learning Tower of Pizza

Remember how once I started a bread recipe like this?

1 toddler
1 tarp


I wonder if they sell one that would let her get under the car to change the oil.
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When baking bread, precise measurements are crucial.

Well, we’ve moved from the floor to the counter, thanks to this fantastic (if a little, ahem, large) addition to our kitchen.

The Learning Tower is a wooden stand with a railing and an adjustable floor that lets Boo work at counter height. Boobaby loves to mix baked goods and wash dishes. (She likes to chop, too, but I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t tell you that now that you can report my actual name to the authorities.)  Now I can let her work with me in the kitchen without hovering over her on a kitchen chair.

One additional benefit in drawback’s clothing is that we no longer assume that countertops are safe places to keep things out of Boobaby’s way. I say “benefit” because for a while we haven’t been able to expect that Boo won’t get something off of a counter, but for some reason, they still gave us a sense of security.

To be honest, it’s a hard bit of kitchen real estate to give up — the thing is big for our little San Francisco place. But it’s worth it to let Boo work with us in the kitchen and she, of course, loves it.

Just so you know, this isn’t a sponsored post, ’cause I don’t do those. We bought the thing and liked it is all.