Raising a Bruiser

Boobaby is learning that big kids get their way. She needs to learn that, of course, but I oddly, I’d rather she be the victim of pushy big kids than be the pushy big kid herself. I wrote about it in my post last week for GNM Parents:

Boo snatched the bubble toy. Then a shovel. (I intervened both times of course, but won’t that just make her more stealthy?) Once, she even grabbed at her own water bottle, affronted that her mother would dare to hold it for her. And while her actions wouldn’t have bothered me in another child using Boo as the “snatchee,” I just hate seeing my daughter discover that bulldozing through smaller kids can get her that toy she wants.

Click here for the full story. (If you’re a regular GNM reader, click through anyway — my post was the last before the site got eaten by the Internet gods for a week, so most everyone missed it!)