I’m Coming Out of the Closet



The good news first: I got published. Words I wrote were printed many, many times, along with a picture and a byline. As in: my name. And my daughter’s. And apart from being in pediatricians’ waiting rooms all over, the piece is on the Internet*, meaning that eventually it’ll probably be Googleable.

This blog has been a boon for me. I’m a big believer in “blogging it out” — using the written word as a pressure-release valve. You’ll frequently find me complaining here about my wife, or my relations or in-laws, or people at the playground or annoying moms from music class…

Come to think of it, do I ever stop complaining?

Ahem. Anyway, over the next few weeks, I’m going to convert Doodaddy to a blog that my whole family might find any minute. That, from a blog that not even my wife reads. (Or so she claims — she does know about it, and sometimes after I write about her not liking my cooking I get all sorts of praise on my cooking.)

I don’t expect that I’ll stop writing about being frustrated with people, since that seems to be one of the monkeys I bear. However, maybe the realization that my family might be looking in (or even, *gasp*, that lady from music class who honked at me from her three-ton car) — in short, that I will probably have to face the subjects of my gory vituperation — will cause me to be more thoughtful about others’ points of view, more compassionate and forbearing.

But probably not. Maybe I’ll just start another blog.

*Here’s the direct link to the article, or you can go to BayAreaParent.com and navigate to page 95, March 2008. Spoiler alert: you’ll find out my real name, and Boobaby’s.