Headphone Granny

I seem to love finding playground types. I could fill a catalog with my discoveries over the two years that city parks have been like a second home to me. Remember The Ignorer? The Scantinanny? The Dad Who Scams on Scantinannies? The Mommy Racist? The list goes on and on

Add to it someone I’ve noticed a couple of times at the new playground: headphone grandma! She’s got a new toddler, who I’ll guess is 16 months old, but I probably won’t find out for sure because, well, she wears her big ol’ headphones the whole time she’s there. She’s also careful to avoid eye contact, which is good, because I think I’d have to ask her to borrow some sunscreen or something, just to get her to take the darn things off.

A lot of new parents have an “in the headlights” look and spend most of their playground time following their kids around, not knowing quite what to do. In this lady’s case, though, it seems like she knows what to do, she just doesn’t want to do it.