Doodaddy on TV!

OMG! I’m so excited — I just got a call from some talk show and they want to put me on television! I’ll be part of a feature on stay-at-home dads. I don’t really know much about these things — have you heard of “Jerry Springer”? Probably no one watches it, but still, how cool is that?

Here’s part of the e-mail from the producer:

“We want you to talk about how kids raised by at-home dads are not at all ‘messed up’ and how choosing to stay home instead of providing for your family doesn’t make you a ‘weirdo’ at all. We have a panel of pro-family, pro-values, pro-morals, pro-integrity paraprofessionals who will question you on intimate details of your family life.

“We noticed from your blog that you talk about how your daughter likes to play with bugs. Please bring that up. Oh, and if you could dress her in leather and a muscle shirt, and maybe bring along a power tool, that would be great. If she could be shown rejecting a doll (maybe even tearing its head off?) that would be wonderful, too.

“We have some wardrobe ideas, too. Do you have anything like a T-shirt depicting a flag burning? And maybe an apron made from hemp? We’ll discuss later. Oh, and don’t forget to remind me to remind you: dreadlocks.

“Finally, we don’t like to use real names on the show. Tentatively, we’re thinking we’ll use the caption ‘San Francisco Deviant Dropout Dad’– does that work for you?

“A violence and injury waiver is enclosed, along with your two tickets to fame! We’re looking forward to having you on Jerry!”

Sounds great, huh? I can’t wait! Be sure to tune in — they say it’s not going to air for a while, maybe not even until next April 1st…