Why tax forms are so complicated

I’m listening to This American Life while struggling with my tax forms. (Yeah, I know, they’re due in two weeks. I procrastinate — so shoot me.)

(No, seriously, shoot me. I’m about to suffocate under receipts anyway.)

On the radio, they’re interviewing astronauts about the down side of their jobs. It turns out that on the day they return from flying around the Earth in the space shuttle, they have to fill out travel vouchers_. Travel vouchers._

Origin: Kennedy Space Center.
Destination: Cape Canaveral, Florida.
Via: Low Earth Orbit.
Lodging: Provided.
Meals: Provided.
Mode of Transport: “Government Air.”

They get $3.50 a day for incidentals. No, I’m not kidding.

No wonder my income tax form is so ridiculous.