Fluctuating Crepuscular, and other nasty expressions

Still doing my taxes, still listening to NPR podcasts. Did you hear this one one about kids using curse words? (I love that term “curse words”– it’s dated and sweet, like lemon ambrosia.)

It was pretty uninteresting, to be honest. Their big conclusions are: a) little kids learn bad words first from their parents, b) older kids pick up words from their peer group, and c) it’s a normal part of development and not that big a deal. Um… duh. (It’s better than doing my taxes, I guess.)

Not that it matters to us. Boobaby’s only 2, so we’re still replacing our usual nastiness with “fluctuate” and “crepuscular” — seriously. If she’s gonna cuss, she might as well get some more interesting words than her parents’ generation had.