Toddler Tricks

Ever make your baby do something like this?


Cheerleader baby.

Then this might be for you. In my latest post over at GNM Parents, I wrote about how performance pressure is rearing its overlarge, self-important head — with Boobaby only 2!

We never pressure Boo to achieve (which, I suppose, is why she still calls every color "green"). And classes we took were all about fun and play. Expectations are rising, however:

"Things are changing. We’ve started taking Boo to an acrobatics class, which although age-appropriate for toddlers, really emphasizes skill development. Our daughter would be perfectly happy bouncing on the trampoline endlessly, but now she’s expected to do somersaults and bear walks and splits."

The entire post, "Prodding the Toddler", is up over at GNM Parents.