Worst marketing ever? Or am I just a man lost in my own world?

I just got an e-mail requesting that Doodaddy review a toy site that offers a gift occasion reminder service (just like Amazon and, for that matter, a desk calendar). From the e-mail:

“We know that men in general are typically called ‘thoughtless’ because perhaps they miss a birthday or anniversary. We have tools and a personalized program to help you overcome that and prove everybody [sic] that you may be busy and in your own world, but you are definitely thoughtful.”

Man, does that overstate the case. For instance, I remember that my wife’s birthday is around June. Maybe I’m “busy and in my own world,” but I’m sure that our anniversary was a few years ago.

They really should have added “As a man, you know you’re sexually ungenerous. So we’ll e-mail you every time you ought to start things out with a massage already!” You know, broaden the scope of their service a little.

Is it crazy of me to be offended? Does it make it any worse that the e-mail came from a woman?