Unapologetically Springtime


We’re already up to our knees in spring here. Or the birdseed bucket, maybe.

We in California often feel we need to apologize for our nice weather. Usually this happens to Boobaby and me as we’re telling our Minnesota grandparents about our beach day — a day they spent digging out of the latest snowstorm.

A San Francisco winter is tiring, nonetheless. We get a lot of rain, so we stay-at-home parents need to come up with a lot of indoor activities (like this and this and this).

Spring, on the other hand, means three sunny days followed by two cold-ass foggy days, a pattern that’s repeated until about September. I can deal with a little chilly fog mixed with the sunshine, especially since it means we get to pick ripe blackberries from our own backyard in March.

So if you’re still buried under a snowdrift or canoeing down your town’s Main Street, I won’t apologize for our springtime — but I will use this space to send you a little of our backyard.

If I could blog a blackberry, I would.

Thanks to the miracle of the Internets, I am publishing this post at the very minute that spring hits, 10:48 p.m. today, March 19th, here in San Francisco. Which is like 2 days earlier than I used to think it happened. I guess they moved it up to accommodate the election season.