Boo Blueberry Blues

Boobaby has lots of 4-year old playground friends, which means that at lunch time I often witness a familiar worried look creep onto the faces of the other kids’ caregivers.

Does anyone know a short way of saying this?

“I totally don’t mind sharing our food if you don’t mind her eating it, and Boo eats better if someone else is eating her food, and it looks like your kid likes other people’s food better anyway because look she ate a blueberry and you said she hates blueberries, and don’t worry, I’m up to date on my child CPR, and our food is mostly organic and washed (honest!) and we always bring plenty, if I wasn’t willing to share then I wouldn’t have brought it out, but there are some crackers in there and maybe you want your little angel to have his vegetables first, but if you’re not sure you’re ready to trust another parent’s food then that’s totally cool, just let me know, but otherwise don’t worry about the food sharing, it’s totally primal and besides Boo doesn’t usually eat more than half a banana at a sitting so this is actually really good for us, too.”

You do? Great!

Now can you teach me to say it in Spanish?