Boobaby Van Winkle

I woke up this morning and Boobaby was 22 years old. She’d left to go to college years ago, but she’s back staying with us until for a couple of months before her internship starts. (She’ll be spending the Southern Hemisphere winter in the Antarctic studying the behavior of really, really cold people. And birds. She’s a budding anthroornithofreeziologist.)

Not that we see much of her; she’s pretty busy with her volunteer tutoring, ballroom dance competitions, and, of course, she likes to get in her time in the art studio. At least I think that’s what it is — all I remember is that she’s teaching, moving, and creating somewhere_._ Gotta keep those things in your life.


Boobaby at 70. (There are far too many time-wasters on the Internet, huh?)

She’s single at the moment, although she dates a fair bit. She had a partner for a year or so in college, but they split amicably months ago. (Boo finally agreed with me that she’s too good for him or her. Besides, I’ve got lots of blog buddies to arrange her marriage with when the time comes.)

One nice thing about having 22-year old Boobaby (Boo Young Woman?) at home is that she can take over the care and feeding of the menagerie she collected during high school. We’ve got bunnies, dogs, lizards, ladybugs, and a one-eyed parrot named “Mikey Mike.” That’s a lot of dung to scoop! Especially the ladybugs, man — do they ever poop!

Boo and her sibling(s?) haven’t been out of the house long enough for Working Mom and I to get “empty nest” syndrome, but we’re practicing for it. I’ve started teaching again (finally), so instead of losing my kid(s?), I’m connected to dozens more. Surrogate offspring, if you will. Of course, Boo hated that I was a teacher at her school — don’t even get her started on when I was a chaperone at the prom!

So Boobaby is BooAdult. I look back at her childhood and it does feel like the end of a huge adventure, and although we made many mistakes, they just don’t matter much. The point of the quest was just to get through to the other side, and that’s what we’ve done, more or less intact and more or less happy. And though I do feel that I’m at an ending, I also sense Boobaby’s burgeoning adult power, and I have no doubt that she’ll do great things.

Even in Antarctica.

Wow, that was fun! So fun, in fact, I think I’ll make a meme of it, even though I guess memes are so five minutes ago. I hereby tag for the Rip Van Winkle meme my last five commenters: J. of Playgroups are No Place for Children,  J. of The Barn Bums, K. of Magneto Bold Too, D. of Adams In Arizona (spelled right this time!), and Sugar Plums’ Mom. And The Waterman’s Wife, ’cause she asked. And Scott and Amy, if you have blogs. And anyone else, if you want — let me know.  Write a post about where you (and your kids, if any) will be in 20 years and a day!