Transvestite-O-Philic Readers Disappointed

As much as all of you were excited to see me dancing in my wife’s clothing, I got an, ahem, more viable suggestion from Bruce C. in Wisconsin:

Rip Van Winkle Day. You wake up and find out what is BooGirl (no longer a baby!) is doing in 20 years as you wake up. I guess you also need to reserve domain or something.

Congratulations to Bruce, winner of the Bob! I’ll get right to work on that one — sounds like fun.

I liked a couple of the other ideas, though — you can count on a Working Mom picture soon, for example. To those who were hoping I’d be publicly cross-dressing, well, sorry. My wife doesn’t wear a lot of girly stuff, anyway — like I said, I wear her sweats and stuff all the time.

On an unrelated note, who’s that person in New York who read 82 pages of the blog today? And are you the same one who found me via a search on "Ella Fitzgerald nude"?

‘Cause if so, I bet you’re the most interesting one at a cocktail party.