Who wants a free Bob?

Hey, remember when I reviewed Bob, the device that polices TV time for you and your kids?


This could be yours!

Well, I promised to give it away “in a reader contest.” (Ha! I love it when marketers think I’m hot shit. At least someone does.)

Anyway, it’s still in a box in the “spare room” (also known as the “office,” “craft room,” “guest room,” and “baby-to-be-we-hope room”).

So… who wants it? It’s actually kind of cool, if you want something to time how long your kids spend watching TV. Or on the XBox, or using the blender. Whatever appliance you like.

Oh, I guess I should ask a contest question, huh? How about:

What should I blog about tomorrow?

Something that’ll get me a lot of hits, OK? ‘Cause I’m a site counter slut.

If you win, I’ll mail it wherever, on me. (It has a U.S. plug, though, so if I’m sending it off to, ahem, Australia, you’ll probably have to do a little electro-surgery.)