Where did this teenager come from?

After her bath the other day, Boobaby tuned the alarm clock to Radio Disney and started singing along to a Hannah Montana song.

Boo, you’ll remember, is two.


Nope. She doesn’t think about it.

Pop is repetitive, of course, so all she had to do was to sing “I don’t think about it” over and over again and she pretty much had the song down. She got into the spirit of the thing, too, because suddenly (and without thinking about it!) she curled into a paperclip and licked her own shin.

Boo is a little like one of those super-duper yoga people you see walking down the street with their cute rolled-up mats sticking out of their hemp shopping bags: she loves to show off her flexibility.

I assume she’s not intentionally making fun of daddy (who can’t touch the ground without deep knee bends), but it comes out that way sometimes. 

Full disclosure: I had already set the radio to the Disney station, she just turned it on. Don’t ask.