Barack Obama: Plagiarist?

I’m sure I’m not the first parent of a toddler to notice, but Barack Obama completely cribbed his “Yes We Can” tagline from this guy:

bob the builder

Bob the Builder, looking a little annoyed that his slogan’s gotten all political

Working Mom and I are never slow to capitalize on an opportunity to make Boobaby perform for our friends. So, naturally, we warped her little brain into believing that Bob the Builder is Barack, and he’s running for president. To wit:

[audio:Barack Obama.mp3]
(Press the "play"  arrow — it’s about 20 seconds long.)

And while I know everyone’s all hot for the Barack "Yes We Can" video that wrapped its way around the ‘net a couple of weeks ago, I gotta say, Boo just got a little bored by it. This one’s more her speed:

Bob the Builder for President!