Walk on water recently, you single parents out there?

Working Mom’s appendectomy made a temporarily single parent out of me. Very temporary — she was home within a day, although she’s still not quite up to full strength. The experience put into my mind that a lot of parents — most, maybe — have things way harder than I do most of the time.

I just posted on the ordeal over at GNM:

Though as a stay-at-home dad I’m pretty good at juggling baby and household chores, I still depend on my wife’s return from work so I can get dinner made, laundry done, and the house straightened up. With my wife out of commission, after just a few days the living room was covered with a crust of toys, cracker crumbs, and odd socks: I just hadn’t had time to get anything off the floor. I’ve done a total of one load of laundry this week, down from an average of one per day. And cooking? Well, let me just say that I’m glad my daughter likes grilled cheese so much.

Some are at-homes like me have spouses who travel. Some are in two-working-parent households, and, of course, some are single parents. Since taking care of one child, one house, and one wife is exactly the limit of my ability — sometimes past my limits — I just can’t imagine how you handle your lives. 

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