Baby’s Napping, Wifey’s in Surgery


Here, Boobaby explains the difference between duodenum and jejunum

Before today, I couldn’t imagine not being by my wife’s side as she’s being wheeled into surgery. Minor surgery, to be sure, and probably laparoscopic, depending on how good the C-section was. But still, the very idea that I’d be sitting peacefully at home and not pacing in the waiting room — that’s just kind of weird to me.

I guess we’re doing the right thing — Boobaby’s schedule and comforts are going to be turned around quite a bit over the next week or so. And it’s not like I can do anything at the hospital when my wife’s asleep, we’ll go later when it’s useful.

The cliché says that having a baby reorders your priorities. At times like this, though, it’s really overwhelming exactly how reordered those priorities get.

P.S. Many thanks to everyone who’s written to tell me we’re in your thoughts — it’s meant a ton!